Our Story

During a sleepless night in 2014, our founder Claire, watched a public television special on the benefits of cannabis.

Like many of her boomer contemporaries, she hadn’t smoked since she was a teenager but that night, she started to

wonder if cannabis wouldn’t be a safer, natural alternative to the pharmaceuticals that she used to treat her

insomnia and anxiety.   What we learned and experienced over the next year convinced us that we wanted to lead the

way in providing expertly crafted cannabis products to people in Washington.


Josh is a chef turned extraction artist and former owner of two award-winning restaurants:  Les Copains and Ginny’s

Cafe.  He is passionate about using his culinary gifts to produce high quality extracts and edibles.


Claire has spent her career managing and marketing health care organizations.    She is excited to use her management

skills to provide premium, pure edibles to the public.